Tuesday 6 March 2012

Buddy Holly J45's

The Buddy Holly Guitar Foundation ( http://www.buddyhollyguitarfoundation.org/index.html) commissioned two J45 replicas of Buddy's original Gibson.  We were asked to build "Maybe Baby' for Sharleen Spiteri of Texas and 'That'll be the day' for Mick Jones of the Clash.  Here is a photo diary of the 2 builds.  Since those first 2 commissions we have been asked to build 4 more guitar.  'Wishing' for Phil Everly, 'Rock me my Baby' for Albert Lee,  'Learning the Game' for the South by South West Festival in Austin, Texas and 'Listen to Me' for the 'Songmasters' organization. http://www.songmasters.org/

Sitka Spruce tops and Mahogany Back and sides.  We start by gluing the matched back and front together. 
The Sides are thicknessed to 2.2mm and then bent.  We use a little bit of water.

The neck block and the end block are glued in to place in the mould

Necks have been prepared by the CNC.  Ready for the headstock overlay

Ebony Headstock overlays prepared and ready to glue

Gluing in the Linings
Gluing on the struts to the front.

and the back struts

The first neck has been CNC routed and is ready for fitting to the body.  The second neck is having its head stock overlay glued in place.

One J45 body ready for binding

2nd body ready for binding

fitting the necks

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The Rosewood fretboard stops before the rosette. 

Bound and ready for grain filling

'That'll be the day' and 'Maybe Baby' ready for fretting

We thought we would make a 3rd just for fun. 

masking for sunbursting.  This is a fun job. 

before the tape is removed.  I think we got the sunbursts pretty close to the originals

The binding is now scraped and ready for the clear lacquer

In the spray shop

The leather covers have arrived from Texas.  each one is unique

'Maybe Be' finished

Scroll logo in place

Gluing on the neck.  We use Titebond and 2 bolts. 

Set up and ready for it's cover

'That'll be the day' finished

It arrived in New York, and its in the hands of Regan McCarthy of the 'Songmasters' organization. http://www.songmasters.org/

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